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Local SEO  

The Local SEO Packages focus on relevant citation building, effective on-page optimization including local schema implementation, natural link building, methodology-based solutions, and Google Map pack inclusion. Ideal for businesses with actual physical locations and want to build their presence locally. Help attain natural local ranking, and drive foot traffic to your stores.
Local Basic

£300.00 Per Month

For businesses to establish local online visibility with 5 targeted keywords and 2 additional citations created per month.

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Local Silver

£600.00 Per Month

Ideal for businesses looking to increase influence with 10 targeted keywords and 5 additional citations created per month.

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Local Gold

£900.00 Per Month

For growing businesses that need improved local visibility and a wider reach by targeting 20 keywords and creating 10 additional citations per month.

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Local Platinum

£1900.00 Per Month

This is our most aggressive local package for businesses with tight local competition that targets 30 keywords and 15 additional citations that are created monthly.

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