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ICS - Business Intelligence Specialist

In this age of Information it is essential that a business's technology caters for their information needs. Without the right information going in, you cannot get the right information out, which is needed to make intelligent decisions.

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can assure that your business has the technology resources in place to be competitive in today’s challenging economy. We are an information consultancy firm based in London that has the expertise and ability to guide your company in formulating an effective and strategic IT plan that will not only be easy to implement, but will also be cost-effective.

ICS Domains & Hostings

We have developed a ZFS–based shared hosting platform with SSD–loaded servers as well as an anti–hacking firewall, since we want your sites to be a hit online.

Due to the data compression algorithm that we use to host your site content, your websites will be loaded faster to to your audience. Furthermore, we offer efficient anti–virus software and browsable backups, so you experience flawless data security for your websites and emails.
prices from £2.42 per month
Check out our services with a 30-day free trial. No credit card information required.
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Free Social Media Dashboard


Want a social media dashboard that manages your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest posts?
To assist in tracking your social media success.
With a huge stock library of brand conscious social media content.

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